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How full should my glass of wine be?

20/09/2018 - Published in: Learning about wines

Of course, this is ultimately a matter of preference. However, knowing the appropriate amount of wine to serve in a glass is also a science. The key has much to do with the type of wine in question, and how to achieve the ideal proportion to allow for correct aeration, thereby enabling you to enjoy all of the wine’s bouquets and flavours. Would you like to know a few tricks, to make sure you get it right?


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Four ways to chill wine in record time

21/08/2018 - Published in: Learning about wines

In the heat of summer, a cool drink is always an attractive option. That’s why sparkling, white, and lighter rosé wines, which need to be served at 6°C to 9°C, are an excellent option for this time of year. There are several options for chilling the wine quickly, although not all of them are advisable if we want to avoid changing the structure, aromas and flavours of the wine. 

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The barrels that make our PERFUME DE SONSIERRA possible

09/01/2018 - Published in: Learning about wines

During the production of all our wines, we select the best coopers in the world. And of course, for our most special wine, Perfume de Sonsierra, we are especially careful in this selection.

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20/02/2017 - Published in: Learning about wines

At the request of Bodegas Sonsierra, the duo comprising the versatile artist Javier Pangua and his son Gabriel have designed and captured the role of wine throughout history in a spectacular work of art. 

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Bodegas Sonsierra in the RiojaWine app


11/11/2016 - Published in: Learning about wines

All the information on Rioja’s wines, wineries and appellation is now at your fingertips, via the new Riojawine app for mobiles and tablets. This new app, recently unveiled by the Regulatory Board, is designed to be a tool that enables connection, conversation and participation amongst wine lovers. 


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Old hopes, new dreams

03/06/2016 - Published in: Learning about wines

Bodegas Sonsierra have always tried to provide a little constructive criticism to help the development and modernisation of the Rioja Qualified Designation of Origin. So we are pleased that a suggestion made years ago is finally going to be discussed. Thus, we welcome all those clamouring for a change that is now pressing, given the current market situation.

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13/04/2016 - Published in: Learning about wines

There are many different methods of sealing wine bottles available on the market, although they can mostly be divided into two major categories: corks and synthetic corks.

Each wine has its own specific needs in terms of preservation and ageing. That’s why we’re going to tell you about the types of cork we use at Sonsierra for the different types of wine we produce.

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