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25/04/2019 - Published in: Awards

This year's Challenge International du Vin in Bordeaux saw the 2014 vintage winning three gold medals – Sonsierra Vendimia Seleccionada, Perfume de Sonsierra and Pagos de la Sonsierra – in addition to a silver for the Sonsierra Reserva.

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Wines for seduction

04/02/2019 - Published in: What to drink

Wine and seduction have always made a great couple: a durable, solid partnership that has achieved a perfect understanding. In fact, wine is a great choice if we need a hand to create a relaxed atmosphere and let the evening flow. I think you know what I’m talking about…

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and that’s why we at Sonsierra would like to suggest a number of options to serve as suitable accompaniments on your dates – and help end the night with fireworks! 

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The beauty of winter at Sonsierra

04/02/2019 - Published in: Discovering the Sonsierra

Everyone knows (and talks about) the spectacular beauty of the Sonsierra landscape in autumn, when the vine-leaves change colour and a thousand shades of yellow, ochre and red transform the season into one of the most photogenic and admired.

Surprisingly, however, the Sonsierra landscape is also at its most attractive during winter. The silhouettes of the naked vines, the fog enveloping the outline of the town of San Vicente de la Sonsierra, the crisp winter light, the clear skies, the cold north wind advancing across the Cantabrian Mountains, bringing with it a tumbling cascade of clouds that precipitate over the valley… all these ingredients combine to create images of outstanding beauty, which we invite you to enjoy.


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2018 HARVEST: satisfaction with a job well done

17/11/2018 - Published in: In the vineyard

Barely two weeks have passed since we wrapped up the 2018 harvest, and now it’s time to take stock. Although this year was one of the most difficult we can remember, due to the severe frosts of 2017 and a particularly rainy spring which led to numerous fungal attacks, today we can look back and feel extremely satisfied with the work we’ve done and the results we’ve obtained.

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08/10/2018 - Published in: Awards

Sonsierra wines beat their own record and got 9 medals for their wines in a single competition: the AWC Vienna International Wine Challenge 2018. Its 15 years of history and some overwhelming figures - 12,402 participating winesfrom 39 countries - has made it one of the most outstanding wine contests on the international scene.


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How full should my glass of wine be?

20/09/2018 - Published in: Learning about wines

Of course, this is ultimately a matter of preference. However, knowing the appropriate amount of wine to serve in a glass is also a science. The key has much to do with the type of wine in question, and how to achieve the ideal proportion to allow for correct aeration, thereby enabling you to enjoy all of the wine’s bouquets and flavours. Would you like to know a few tricks, to make sure you get it right?


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Four ways to chill wine in record time

21/08/2018 - Published in: Learning about wines

In the heat of summer, a cool drink is always an attractive option. That’s why sparkling, white, and lighter rosé wines, which need to be served at 6°C to 9°C, are an excellent option for this time of year. There are several options for chilling the wine quickly, although not all of them are advisable if we want to avoid changing the structure, aromas and flavours of the wine. 

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Three Sonsierra wines rank top among Spanish wines for James Suckling

06/08/2018 - Published in: Awards

The North American critic and ex- Wine Spectator magazine wine taster, James Suckling is one of the key critics in the American market and he has awarded Sonsierra wines high scores in his report on Spain, published on 1 August on his website:

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