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Sonsierra Androsela, a wine made for summer

14/07/2017 - Published in: What to drink

From a unique setting in San Vicente de la Sonsierra, vineyard La Canoca, our wine expert Rafa Usoz presents our medium-sweet white wine Androsela. A wine with a low alcohol content, made exclusively from Viura grapes. Androsela was a bit of a gamble for Bodegas Sonsierra but it has certainly paid off. Warmly welcomed, this year its production has increased six-fold


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In the winery and in the vineyard

29/06/2017 - Published in: In the vineyard

Here at Bodegas Sonsierra we would like to tell you about our day-to-day work in the winery and in the vineyard.

In the vineyard right now we are doing what we call “desniete”, or removal of secondary shoots, a task that we learned from our ancestors and which is essential for the health of the plant. This process is intended to thin the vine so that the grape will be free and the bunch will grow directly downward. It also enhances the ability of the vine to harness the nutrients. In the winery these days we are emptying the barrels of the 2015 vintage and filling them with the latest vintage from 2016, always under the attentive eye of Rafa Usoz, our enologist.

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Spots of Sonsierra: 'La Vizcarra'

07/06/2017 - Published in: Descubriendo la Sonsierra

Sonsierra wines are made with grapes which come from different spots in San Vicente de la Sonsierra. From now on, we will be discovering those groves hand in hand with the members and viticulturists of the winery.

Today, Javier Gil González, member and viticulturist of Sonsierra talks to us about ‘La Vizcarra’. An area of poor soil, with little depth where only vines can be grown.

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25/05/2017 - Published in: In the vineyard

In the early hours of the 28th of April, the temperature in San Vicente fell to 2 degrees below zero which caused a historic freeze in our vineyards. From that moment on, at Bodegas Sonsierra we undertook all of the measures possible to ensure that the plant recovered as soon as possible and was able to sprout vigorously.



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Sonsierra Tempranillo Blanco 2016. The most genuine white wine from Sonsierra Winery

05/05/2017 - Published in: What to drink

From the incredible location of Sonsierra, Finca de la Nava, winemaker Rafa Usoz presents the most genuine white wine from Sonsiera Winery: Sonsierra Tempranillo Blanco 2016. A new wine added to the range of Sonsierra Winery’s white wines. A wine made from grapes from vines planted in 2011, always on plots above 500 metres in altitude, in the foothills of the Sierra del Toloño mountain ranges.

Sonsierra Tempranillo Blanco 2016 brings innovation to the winery’s product range and also confirms Bodegas Sonsierra's commitment to developing a white wine variety of such a genuine and rare variety in Rioja, the Tempranillo Blanco.


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24/04/2017 - Published in: Discovering the Sonsierra


At Bodegas Sonsierra we would like to bring you one of the most deeply rooted and well-known traditions of the Sonsierra: ‘Los Picaos’.  In San Vicente de la Sonsierra every year on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday the followers of the Cofradía de la Santa Vera Cruz, or the Brotherhood of Santa Vera Cruz, also known as ‘Los Picaos’ hold a procession through the streets. This is an ancestral tradition that dates back to the XV Century in which the followers rhythmically strike their own backs with skeins of cotton as a form of penitence. Each ‘Picao’ will whip himself around 800-1000 times. El Práctico (the person responsible for alleviating the wounds) will decide when they must stop whipping themselves, when small bruises start to appear. The Práctico will pierce either side of the lumbar region of the back three times, with a utensil called an ‘esponja’. This consists of a ball of beeswax with six crystals embedded in pairs, so they receive twelve punctures symbolising the number of apostles. After this the follower will whip themselves a few more times, so that the blood that may have accumulated in the area can dissipate and thus avoid further problems.


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20/02/2017 - Published in: Learning about wines

At the request of Bodegas Sonsierra, the duo comprising the versatile artist Javier Pangua and his son Gabriel have designed and captured the role of wine throughout history in a spectacular work of art. 

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Poda 2017 de Bodegas Sonsierra, La Rioja.


07/02/2017 - Published in: In the vineyard

Pruning is one of the most intensive and lengthy tasks undertaken at our vineyards. It is also one of the most important.

Our growers turn their expert hands to this task every winter, from December to February. On a daily basis, pruning shears in hand, they cut away shoots from each vine to revitalise the buds where bunches will later grow. They are seeking balance and good sap distribution so that exposure to the sun in the future will be ideal and the bunches will receive enough air.

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Sonsierra Perfume is the perfect wine to Valentine's plans.

That special wine for Valentine's Day

03/02/2017 - Published in: What to drink

We just release the month of love, February, with the return of one of our classics that can not be missed in your Valentine's plans.

Sonsierra perfume is the perfect wine to add that sexy spot to your plans and will certainly help you to spice up a very special night.

Enter our online store and do not miss the opportunity to open a special bottle.







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Bodegas Sonsierra in the RiojaWine app


11/11/2016 - Published in: Learning about wines

All the information on Rioja’s wines, wineries and appellation is now at your fingertips, via the new Riojawine app for mobiles and tablets. This new app, recently unveiled by the Regulatory Board, is designed to be a tool that enables connection, conversation and participation amongst wine lovers. 


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