© Bodegas Sonsierra, Rioja, Spain


In this beautiful terrain watered by the River Ebro and sheltered by the Cantabrian Mountains, vine-growing is an ancestral tradition that has shaped the landscape over centuries. It is responsible for making Sonsierra a place of singular beauty, where vineyards cover the land and are complemented by the addition of traditional structures such as wine presses and stone refuges.

A privileged location

The Rioja PDO region, located in northwest Spain and straddling both sides of the River Ebro, comprises more than 60,000 hectares of vineyards that are blessed with special properties due to their strategic location between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean and the geographical features of the area.

Sonsierra, Rioja

The county of Sonsierra is located in the very heart of the Rioja PDO region. Bordered by the Cantabrian Mountains to the north and the River Ebro to the south, throughout history it has enjoyed a reputation in the province for the exceptional quality of its wines. Sonsierra’s unique microclimate and terroir combine to give its Tempranillo grapes a very special character.