2018 HARVEST: satisfaction with a job well done

2018 has been a year in which our vine-growers have given it their all in fighting off these attacks and coaxing grapes from the vines, even during the lead-up to the harvest. 

Thanks to their painstaking efforts, we’ve overcome all of the obstacles that nature’s caprice has put in our path and managed to obtain grapes of excellent quality, particularly those from our old-growth vineyards.

The secret to our success has been the selection process: both when harvesting the grapes in the vineyards, and when separating them into different classes at the winery. This has enabled us to produce a wide range of wines that have been made and aged separately.

Once again, the best grapes have come from our eight unique vineyards located in Piedramiguel, Diasol, Gallocanta, La Concova, Valseca, El Manao, El Bosque and La Liende. We hope to produce great wines with them. 



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