2019, a vintage that invites you to dream



In a vintage like this, the decision of the optimum harvest time has been key and we can certainly say that, after carrying out many maturation controls and numerous inspections of the vineyard, our plots have been harvested at their optimum time. This has been corroborated by the fructity, great color and the perfect alcoholic strength obtained in the wines.

The harvest in our winery began on September 17 with the collection of White Tempranillo, with good grade, acidity and high freshness, ideal for the production of white wines.

The 20th began the harvest of our Viura grapes in the same tonic as Tempranillo Blanco but with a somewhat lower grade.

Towards the 26th the first clusters of Tempranillo Tinto were collected, loose, with small grain, high health, average alcohol content of 13.6 and a color and phenolic maturity index as we have known for a few years.

During the campaign about 490 hectares distributed in more than one thousand plots for a total of 21 days.


At this moment 91 different elaborations are being made where each deposit is made in a personalized way depending on the destination we have designed for it. This one for Pagos de la Sonsierra Reserva, this one has the vocation of Vendimia Seleccionada, Sonsierra Selección Tinto Joven, Sonsierra Reserva … And, without a doubt, those that will be our most exclusive wines, our nine wines from the nine vineyards that enjoy the category of singular vineyards. In addition, this year we have made another 13 different elaborations, the result of the separate preparation of a selection of plots specially chosen for the quality of their grapes or for experimental purposes.
It is at this time, when the wines of Sonsierra 2019 are born

For the elaboration of our Sonsierra Tempranillo Blanco Fermentado en Barrica we have used 60 new American oak barrels from 5 different coopers and for our wines from unique vineyards and plots chosen for their exceptionality, 150 new French oak barrels of 23 different specially selected coopers .

Until now and without doing the malolactic fermentation, the wines obtained have shown a lot of fruit, good balance in the mouth and very high levels of structure and color, excellent for aging in the barrel.

This promises to be one of the best vintages in Rioja although there is still a lot of work to do in the cellar to develop the full potential of these wines.


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