El Manao

Additionally, their ratio of foliage cover to yield allows the vines to optimise their management of water and mineral resources. The large amount of woody growth that the plants have accumulated over the years means that the fruit ripens under the best conditions possible, given that the wood contains substantial nutrient reserves that the plant can make use of during the final stages of ripening.

In summary, this type of vineyard possesses great internal equilibrium and a great capacity for adaptation to the terroir, acquired over the course of the many years of its life. As well as allowing us to control the level of production, this inherent balance also ensures that the grapes have more agreeable and developed tannins, a greater concentration of polyphenols, a more even rate of ripening and a number of other special qualities that are difficult to explain in scientific terms. All of these properties, when allied to our love and care, result in the production of “wines that are elegant, concentrated, complex and with good body”. 


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