In the winery and in the vineyard

During its year in the barrel the wine acquires its woody notes. “I am not in favour of leaving the wine in the barrels for more than one year” says Rafa. “I like to conserve a the fruit in aged and reserve wines and I believe that if I leave them in the barrel for more than a year, I am going to lose some of the fruity character”.
After emptying the barrels the reserves are bottled and the aged vintages are kept in the tank for a while.
We use American oak – which must not be new – for the aged vintages to contribute notes of vanilla and coconut but without swamping the fruit. The reserves are aged in newer barrels with some French oak that contributes greater complexity, with toasted and balsamic notes. After this task we wait until the end of the year to decant the wine.

There is plenty of activity in both winery and vineyard to keep on ensuring the supreme quality of our wines.



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