Once again, Tim Atkin ranks Sonsierra wines among the best Riojas in his 2020 report

“I’m as excited about Rioja as I’ve ever been. It hasn’t realised its full potential, to be sure, but it’s getting there with every vintage. There are more bodegas striving for excellence than ever, sometimes against the odds created by a market that does not yet regard Rioja as a fine wine. Wine by wine, vineyard by vineyard, we are slowly moving towards a point where Rioja is recognised as a region that can finally rub shoulders with the great appellations of the world.”

These are the words with which Tim Atkin introduces the 2020 report on his website. Atkin is an award-winning specialist wine journalist, a Master of Wine and a lover of Rioja: for a number of years, he has produced his own winery ranking, and in 2019 he named Sonsierra the Best Cooperative of the Year.

In the 2020 edition, six of our wines have broken the 90-point mark: Perfume de Sonsierra 2014 with 93 points, Pagos de la Sonsierra 2014 with 92 points, Sonsierra Vendimia Seleccionada 2014 and Sonsierra Gran Reserva 2013 with 91 points, and Sonsierra Reserva 2014 and Sonsierra Selección Rosado 2018 with 90 points.





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