Our viticulturists.. the architects of the vineyard

Here, pruning is part of a culture passed on from generation to generation. And experience is fundamental for solving the challenges posed by nature. Our viticultural partners do not hesitate when adverse conditions descend on the vineyard thanks to their knowledge of this land handed down from father to son. In an intense year such as 2017, which has brought a lot of frost and drought, pruning must begin with the espergura, the green pruning of the vineyard.
We check the state of the vineyard and eliminate the dry buds from each vine in order to select the suckers or green buds that will emerge later, and which must be left so that the vine can be pruned and sprout again guaranteeing production for the next season. Our viticulturists work during pruning to improve the structure of the vine with the aim of regenerating the vineyard, a simple but also meticulous philosophy, requiring extensive knowledge and experience since each plant needs a specific intervention, depending on its state.
During these months our viticultural partners become architects of the vineyard, as well as surgeons, regenerating the vines by eliminating the dry wood and leaving new shoots… it is also an essential task to ensure the best arrangement of the new spurs for the health of the grape and the quality in our wines.


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