Parker wine taster in Spain seduced by Perfume de Sonsierra and Sonsierra Gran Reserva

Luis Gutiérrez, wine taster for The Wine Advocate magazine in Spain awarded 91 and 90 points respectively to the Perfume de Sonsierra 2013 and Sonsierra Reserva 2010.

These scores place them among the best valued wines in this influential publication, which annually qualifies wines from around the world on a scale of 50 to 100 points.

Both the Perfume de Sonsierra 2013 and the Sonsierra Gran Reserva 2010 are single-variety old vine Tempranillo – only produced as special vintages. Despite the difference in styles, these two wines are a fine example of the individuality of our vineyards and the wine-making tradition passed down over the generations.

Perfume de Sonsierra 2013 is a surprising, seductive wine. Already emblematic of our winery, this wine is a creative and original homage to the flavours of the Tempranillo and the lands that comprise Sonsierra.

Meanwhile, Sonsierra Gran Reserva 2010 is an aged wine, produced traditionally and conceived more classically: aiming to preserve the identity of the terroir and the Tempranillo of the region to the greatest possible extent.


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