Perfect wines for a barbecue

Sonsierra Selección Blanco

The freshness of this wine, coupled with its fruity, apple and pear aromas, tropical notes and balanced acidity, make it the ideal companion to enhance the flavours of all types of grilled vegetables (e.g. peppers, eggplants, courgettes, tomatoes, carrots, asparagus, mushrooms) and even certain lean fish, as well as soft white meats such as chicken or turkey.

Sonsierra Tempranillo Blanco

Forms the perfect tandem with grilled fish and seafood. A fruity wine with pleasant citrus notes, great volume and freshness coupled with an intense acidity, making it the perfect counterpoint to true grilled fish delicacies such as certain blue fish, e.g. sardines, red mullet, mackerel or horse mackerel, and other fish that, when cooked on the grill, are a real delicacy, such as turbot, snapper, sea bass or sea bream. Another great pairing option are grilled prawns or king prawns and scallops or other bivalves such as mussels or oysters and also octopus.

Sonsierra Vendimia Seleccionada

When it comes to grilled meat, Sonsierra Vendimia Seleccionada is a sure bet. The most typical cuts for barbecues such as ribs, hamburgers, typical Rioja-style chops, fresh “chorizo” (spicy sausage) and salami-type sausage, bacon … or even more select cuts like pork “secreto” (skirt steak) or “presa” (shoulder eye steak) are ideal companions when paired with this wine, which will confer structure and intensity, offering a perfect balance between ripe red fruit, typical of old vineyards, and Tempranillo licorice, together with vanilla and a fine toasted bouquet achieved by ageing in American oak barrels.

Sonsierra Reserva

We recommend this wine for barbecues with special beef cuts, highly coveted by meat-loving gourmets and true barbecue professionals: T-bone, entrecôte, sirloin, tomahawk, or the acclaimed ribeye steak, always a hit if grilled properly. Sonsierra Reserva will enhance the flavour of any of these meat cuts, accompanying them with a pleasant complexity of nuances and a balance between ripe fruit and vanilla and balsamic notes, creating a memorable pairing.


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