Riojawine can be downloaded in Spanish and English and is available for both iOS and Android. As well as offering a wide range of information on the wines and wineries of the Rioja appellation of origin, it also allows users to scan wine labels, which provides immediate access to information regarding the wine in question and even gives users the option to purchase it there and then from the winery’s online store. The app also offers users the opportunity to book a visit to the wineries.

The app is a comprehensive tool that promotes user interaction by allowing users to upload ratings, share experiences, create lists of their favourite wines and exchange information. This in turn opens up an endless range of possibilities that will doubtless expand with users’ contributions.

Bodegas Sonsierra also has its own profile within the app, containing information on the winery and its products, links to our social networks, etc.

We invite you to download Riojawine and add us to your list of favourites!




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