Sonsierra goes one step further with its project “Viñedos Singulares”

A major investment was made in this innovative space, which measures more than 2000 m2 and has completely customised equipment for preparing various wines, as well as the latest developments in oenology. All of these features will lead to winemaking that meets the highest of standards.

The selection table where grapes are individually selected using artificial vision, and the OresteO system, which manages and utilizes the CO2 produced in fermentation for the betterment of the winemaking and for the sake of environmental sustainability, are two clear examples of the qualitative leaps the Viñedos Singulares project has taken for the winery. 

But the latest technology is not only found in the winery. Over the years, Sonsierra, true to its commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, has also focused on precision winegrowing and introduced vineyard management systems that allow Sonsierra to harvest each plot at precisely the right time. 

By taking multispectral images from a manned plane, the winery is able to control the vigour index of the vineyard and by using sensors with fluorescent optical technology, the winery can control the anthocyanin potential of the vineyard.

The first Viñedo Singular wines prepared by the winery, harvested in October 2017, are expected to be available in March 2020.

These wines will be highly limited editions, given the small size and low yield of the plots certified as Viñedos Singulares. 




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