José, how many years have you been working at Bodegas Sonsierra? Tell us about your work at the winery.
I started working at the winery 21 years ago. I work in the bottling warehouse which is where the wine bottling, corking, capsuling and labelling process takes place.

How has the bottling process evolved over the years?
It has evolved a great deal. Over these 21 years we have substituted machines for other, more modern, ones and we have extended the warehouse.
At the moment we have a bottling warehouse which is fitted out with the latest technology, enabling us to be far more productive.

Are there differences when bottling young, reserva, white wines… ?
They are all bottled with the same care but it is true that bottling reservas and grandes reservas is a more lengthy and costly process.

What is the workflow in the bottling warehouse?
The bottling flow is 5,000 bottles per hour, but we don’t bottle every day. Other days we put the crated bottles into boxes.

José, tell us what your favourite Sonsierra wine is. The one bottled with the most love.
We bottle all of them with love, but one that I like most is Sonsierra Crianza Vendimia Seleccionada. It’s a wine with a very good price-quality relationship and it never lets you down.


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