SONSIERRA TEAM: Mariano Sanz Blanco

Mariano, how many years have you been working at Bodegas Sonsierra? What does your work at the winery consist in?

I have been working at the winery for 15 years. My work consists in passing the wine through the stabilisation cooling and wine filtration equipment. At other times I also decant wine and carry out tasks such as cleaning the vats.

What is it like working at Bodegas Sonsierra during the harvest?

Generally, it’s hard work during the harvest as it involves many hours of work without having time off on the weekends. The modern installations at Bodegas Sonsierra are a big help when working, all of the mechanisation available makes the work easier but even so, the harvest is a time when there is a lot of work at the winery.

Tell us what a day is like during the harvest at Bodegas Sonsierra.

A day during the harvest, for me, involves emptying vats, cleaning them and keeping the winery as clean as possible. Cleaning the winery is key during the harvest season in order to guarantee a high-quality product and an effective work procedure.

How many kilos of grapes come into the winery during the harvest season approximately?

In a normal year, some 3,500,000 kilos.

Now, on a more personal subject, which wine from the winery do you choose for special occasions?

My favourite wine from the winery is the Sonsierra Crianza Vendimia Seleccionada and, of course, it’s my wine for special occasions.


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