Sonsierra’s vineyards, diversity in Rioja’s golden mile

Our winery has about 1,500 parcels with vines ranging from 20 years to 130 years on average and which have been owned by our winery partners for several generations. Around 40% of our vineyard is made up of old vines, 30 years and older. A treasure inherited from our ancestors that we pamper and protect.

The Sierra de Cantabria to the North and the Ebro River to the South create a unique microclimate for vine growing here:

Mild temperatures throughout the year and moderate rainfall.

Daytime/night-time temperature differential.

Winds are present 80% of the time, ensuring excellent aeration of the vines and preventing the development of diseases.

– The south-facing aspect and the mild slope of the vineyards expose the vines to plenty of sunlight.

The plots are divided into three different areas, and each one has characteristics that make it special.

La Sierra: the highest vineyards (525- 770 m) and the freshest, wettest region.

La Comarca: intermediate zone (485- 525 m), with moderate temperatures and rainfall.

La Ribera: the lowest area (420-485 m) and also the hottest and driest.

The different altitudes behave differently when faced with rains and temperatures, which guarantees us a magnificent maturation in at least two-thirds of the vineyards, even in years of extreme climatic conditions, thus offering vintage after vintage a constancy in quality and personality of the wines very difficult to obtain.


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