Published in: Descubriendo la Sonsierra

23/11/2017 -

We continue to learn about the different groves of San Vicente de la Sonsierra. The groves where the grapes all our wines are made with come from. Today, with Jacinto Fernández Martínez, partner and viticulturist of the winery, we want to show you one of the jewels of Sonsierra.

'Riparán' is a unique vineyard, formed by old vines planted by Jacinto's grandfather and lovingly cared for by 3 generations of his family. Jacinto tells us: "it's a lot of work, we do everything by hand here; the machinery cannot come in as the plantation is too narrow". But thanks to its privileged orientation, which favours the northern winds, the grapes from these vines are 'hard-skinned', perfect for aged wines and with which we make our Pagos de la Sonsierra. In short, Riparán is a privileged location thanks both to its old vineyards and to its climate, which favours a high quality harvest.


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