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They  call us  “macanes”, that’s how we are known in the surrounding towns of San Vicente de la Sonsierra. They also call us “renegades” because we renounce the Kingdom of Castilla in favor of the Kingdom of Navarra. The fact is that the history of our town has marked our character and that’s how we are: fighters, nonconformists, avant-garde, different, unique…

Our parents and grandparents knew that alone they could not do great things but together they could. So one fine day back in 19XX they came up with the brilliant idea of pooling their vineyards and making a dream come true: to create a cooperative in order to produce their own wines.

And so our story began. After several generations cultivating our own vineyards with practices perfected over time, we have managed to make authentic wines with their own identity, a true reflection of the landscape and the centuries-old winemaking tradition of our territory.”

Bodegas Sonsierra,
pioneers in quality.

San Vicente de la Sonsierra, 1962. Over 240 grape farmers decide to combine their vineyards to make an old dream come true: the creation of a cooperative in which to produce their own wines.

Sonsierra Rioja Alta
Viñedos Sonsierra

Bodega Viñedos de Sonsierra, exclusive wines.

With their own identity, they belong to the new and highest category of Rioja wines. Made 100% with grapes from vineyards which, due to their exceptional characteristics, have been accredited as Singular Vineyards.

They have passed the double qualitative evaluation of DOCa Rioja, rated as excellent.

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