Identidad Bodegas Sonsierra

San Vicente de la Sonsierra, 1962. Over 240 grape farmers decide to combine their vineyards to make an old dream come true: the creation of a cooperative in which to produce their own wines.

And that’s how our story started. After several generations cultivating our own vines with techniques that have been perfected over time, we have managed to produce wines with their own identity, which faithfully reflect the landscape and the ancient winemaking tradition in our area.

Bodegas Sonsierra,
pioneers in quality.

Sonsierra was the first cooperative in the Rioja wine region to sell bottled wines and to highlight the quality and singularity of the exceptional vineyards in the sub-region known as Rioja Alta, which we were pioneers in promoting on our labels as the origin of our wines.

Our innovative spirit is one of our hallmarks and this remains true today with projects such as the Perfume de Sonsierra wine, which has revolutionized the sector, or our new Singular Vineyards project.

This focus on quality and innovation has earned us several very important distinctions such as twice being named ‘Cooperative of the Year’ (2019 and 2021) by the wine critic and Master of Wine, Tim Atkin, in his annual report on Rioja.

Traditional and cutting-edge techniques.

At our winery, we make single-variety wines and the process begins in the vineyard itself, on each vine, taking great care with every single detail and using both traditional techniques and the latest technological advances to control maximum quality levels throughout the process.

Selection Wines

01 Sonsierra Seleccioìn Viura Nueva
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Sonsierra Selección Blanco
02 Sonsierra Seleccioìn Rosado Nueva
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Sonsierra Selección Rosado
03 Sonsierra Seleccioìn Tempranillo Nueva
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Sonsierra Selección Tinto

Aged Wines

Sonsierra Viura
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Sonsierra Viura Fermentado en Barrica
05 Sonsierra Crianza Nueva
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Sonsierra Crianza
06 Sonsierra Crianza Vendimia Seleccionada Ok
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Sonsierra Crianza VS
07 Sonsierra Reserva Ok
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Sonsierra Reserva
10 Sonsierra Gran Reserva
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Sonsierra Gran Reserva

Special Wines

08 Pagos De La Sonsierra
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Pagos de la Sonsierra
09 Perfume Ok
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Perfume de Sonsierra
11 Androsela
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For Those Moments So Special

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