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Vineyard Management


Our winery comprises 516 hectares of vineyards divided into a total of 1.485 plots. We are able to oversee each and every one of the plots by making use of the concept of precision wine growing: using remote sensing techniques. This consists of taking aerial images of our vineyard using multi-spectrum sensors located in a light aircraft. These can receive different light frequencies emitted by the vines which are invisible to the naked eye.  This allows us to have each of our vines perfectly geo-referenced in real time, so we know their vitality and the various agricultural information they possess. 



All of this information is stored on Tablets so all the data is available in the field and the necessary assessments (visual) can be undertaken. The multi-spectrum photos are taken while the grape is ripening, at the same time that samples are taken and tasting performed.

This ensures the grapes are harvested at the optimum time and enables a more selective harvest to be planned - according to qualities. This allows us to select the grape directly from the vine to create the different Sonsierra wines. In the cases of 'Perfume de Sonsierra' and 'Pagos de la Sonsierra', this is a stringent process performed each year to find the vines chosen for wine making.