Live the wine tourism experience from the inside our wineries

At Bodegas Sonsierra we have created three sensory experiences in which you can enjoy unique moments paired with exceptional wines

Momentos & Sonsierra

Bodegas Sonsierra invites you to immerse in the history and flavours of wine.

In this visit, lasting about an hour and a quarter, you will discover the evolution of this wine cooperative over the decades, preserving traditions and adopting modern technologies. You could learn about the winemaking process, from the selection of grapes to fermentation and ageing in oak barrels, learning the secrets of their craftsmanship and the exceptional quality of our wines.

Viñedos & Sonsierra

Bodegas Sonsierra invites you to live an unforgettable enological experience, where history, tradition and technology merge to delight the senses.

The visit “Vineyards & Sonsierra” lasts approximately two hours and a half, begins exploring one of our Vineyards . You could stroll among the vines, breathing fresh air and learning about the sustainable cultivation methods and the manual work carried out with respect for the environment.

Adventure & Momentos Sonsierra

We invite you to enjoy a circular route along the majestic River Ebro, in which you will fall in love with the landscape from another perspective and with the diversity of its fauna and flora. This journey will be seasoned with a Riojan picnic accompanied by some of our most highly sought-after wines, Sonsierra Vendimia Seleccionada.

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