Pedro Sanz highlights the transformation of Bodegas Sonsierra “into a successful company that exports worldwide”

In San Vicente de la Sonsierra, the President of La Rioja Government, Pedro Sanz, today congratulated the Bodegas Sonsierra business partners on the 50th anniversary of the founding of the company “for converting a non-commercial cooperative association into a successful company that exports its wines around the world”.

Bodegas Sonsierra was founded in 1962, being constituted by 233 farmers who collectively owned 483 hectares of vineyards. Their idea was to bottle the wine they produced and sell the remainder in bulk.

Today, there are 160 partners; there is a production of 4.5 million kg of grapes and 3 million litres of wine; and exportation counts for 50% of their sales, primarily to countries like Germany, the UK, Belgium, Holland, the US, Canada and China. The next objective for the company is to acquire further vineyards. This company, whose sales of bottled wines now account for 65% of income, has made a major commitment in the last few years towards innovation, internationalisation and quality to compete in an ever more competitive marketplace. As a part of this, the choice of designers such as David Delfín to create unique bottles for their Pagos de la Sonsierra and Perfume de Sonsierra wines is noteworthy. 


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