It’s also the best time of year to enjoy the county’s rolling hills, in which the multi-coloured vines take centre stage and fill the autumn landscape with contrasts. The copper tones give the season a final, warm flourish, before giving way to winter and losing their leaves prior to entering hibernation.

It’s interesting to observe how each variety of vine takes on a different hue, and how each of them change colour according to their own particular rhythm. The outcome are these beautiful vineyard canvases with their amazingly harmonious mixture of colours, from muted greens and violets to yellow, ochre and red. It’s a view we never tire of looking at.

An ideal spot for contemplating this glorious spectacle, which is as fleeting as it is beautiful, is the watchtower of San Vicente Castle, or any of the numerous hills around the county that are also at their best in the months of October and November. 




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