The barrels that make our PERFUME DE SONSIERRA possible

Perfume de Sonsierra is aged in very special barrels, hand-crafted at the Garonnaise cooperage located in the Allier area of France. This cooperage places special care in the choice of wood, cultivated according to the technique of haute futaie to obtain a very fine grain wood. The staves are dried naturally for 24-36 months in Marmande, where their climatic conditions make the more green and aggressive tannins of the wood become soft and silky while producing an increase in aromatic substances. But the biggest difference that makes these barrels so special is the two toasting techniques that are used in their manufacture. A technique called Expression that combines toasting on braziers with thermal radiation. A technique called Exquis that combines the use of steam and water with toasting over fire.   In these unique barrels, our Perfume de Sonsierra is aged for 16 months followed by at least 8 months of aging in the bottle. And the result is an exceptional wine… a true experience for the senses.




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